Office 4.0 – How Technology is Reshaping the Way We Work

Office 4.0 – How Technology is Reshaping the Way We Work

The workplace of yore might be a distant memory for many of us, but it's hard to forget what a grand mess it was. Dust-laden files, storage space submerged in paper, communication that was both expensive and sluggish, the necessity of physical presence for everything from meetings to office management and impossibly long hours wasted on mundane, repetitive manual tasks. But as technology advanced, first with a revolution in telecom, followed by high-speed internet and now in the new frontiers of digital transformation like AI and IoT and cloud, the experience of working in modern-day offices is radically different.

Modern video communications tools like Zoom are increasingly replacing in-person meetings, project management has become seamless by platforms such as Trello and services such as Slack & GSuite products are allowing people to collaborate in real-time and co-create deliverables, with big upshots on building trust, transparency, and accountability. By reducing the operational inconveniences of running an enterprise, technology has been greatly responsible for allowing employees to place more emphasis on creativity & innovation and achieve greater productivity with limited resource allocation.

At Times Bridge we believe that the consolidated impact of these dramatic shifts has been avowedly positive. We are a future-ready workplace. Technology is an essential part of our work culture and it helps us win with the ‘Less is more’ approach. It is helping global companies like Times Bridge overcome the challenges of distances, integrate remote operations, collaborate optimally across geographies and time zones, enhance productivity & performance. The adoption of technology has also fuelled the rise of a flexible, mobile workforce that's connected 24x7 and can deliver work anytime, and from anywhere.

Tech adoption is part of our DNA & it helps us stay ahead of the curve. It helps us score higher on HR metrics including workplace happiness. Apart from the usual KPIs, our core value at work is versatility. By using technology to un-complicate the lives of our people, we encourage them to contribute outside of their mandate and drive synergies across teams. This unleashes their creative output exponentially. Our exposure to global companies also enables us to have a continually updated mindset and remain up to speed with the latest cultural & technological trends in the workplace.

While we fully recognize the structural shifts technology and automation are effecting at the workplace, we aren't purveyors of hyperbolic tech dystopia. We believe tools like AI & machine learning can significantly enhance the human condition, and our relationship with technology needs to be viewed from an altered vantage.

We need to see the onset of the 4th Industrial revolution not as a battle between man and machine but as a prolific collaboration. We don't buy the notion that technology will replace jobs. Human ingenuity & emotional quotient doesn't have an easy substitute. The nature of work will change. We must await this era of disruption with a sense of anticipation rather than anxiety. We must remain ready & equipped to conquer the future. At Times Bridge, that remains our continuing endeavour.