The India Opportunity

The world’s eyes are on India, the largest open internet market and among the fastest-growing consumer markets globally. With an unmatched demographic dividend and a surging, aspirational middle class, the Indian market is primed for unparalleled growth and opportunity this century.


Wireless phone subscribers


App downloads in 2020


Active internet users


Internet penetration rate, up from 5% in 2009

These numbers have beckoned a multitude of world-leading technology companies to India, where a pool of top-tier talent and the world’s second-largest English speaking population provide an exceptional workforce and an opportunity for global organizations to realise their Indian ambitions.

Tapping into the Indian market opportunity has enabled these companies to develop cutting-edge innovations, gather business insights outside the Western world, expand their range of product offerings and increase their revenue and brand recognition globally.


Of population under age 25


Largest English-speaking population globally

But, to realize the trillion-dollar Indian digital opportunity, it is important to look beyond a singular narrative. Long-term success here involves more than transplanting a global idea; it requires decoding India’s complexity and immersing deeply into its unique, regional cultures. For sustained success in India, beyond initial wins, the key is finding your way into the zeitgeist—into the center of culture and conversation.

Are you ready to see, engage with, and win in India differently?