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Business Insider India growing at an impressive pace

Business Insider India growing at an impressive pace

Business Insider India is now the fastest growing global digital news brand and the second-most read business publication in India, according to the 2019 Reuters survey. 25 million+ monthly active users now prefer India's youngest news outlet to feed their appetite for the latest and sharpest insights from the world of business.

Business Insider India covers news and trends from India in the widely popular and easy to consume manner and share storytelling-format of Business Insider global.

Business Insider India has seen impressive growth of 150% in the last six months in monthly active users and 67% in terms of page views. The page views on its website alone have organically crossed 50 million; evidence of our strong connection with our target audience. From news, culture, trends, technology to toons and videos, we are the go-to platform for millennials.

Viral Jani, Sr Vice President, Investment Operations, Times Bridge said, “We have doubled down on important national moments like the general elections to bring a simplified, easy to consume perspective on cluttered news environment for an audience with fleeting attention span. Our approach to localise the global Business Insider playbook for India has resulted in unprecedented growth in audience reach and engagement over the last few months”.

With the lowest bounce rates in the news industry in India, especially among those in the business news genre, BI was also able to engage its audience on its platform for about a minute compared to only 35 seconds for other Indian publications.

From news on technology to information for decision-makers of the digital age; Business Insider India continues to be the most credible business news platform to gain insights about the narrative on the Indian economy. Markets or politics, education or entertainment, pop-culture or environment, science or signs of change-- whether you like to snack or binge, read or watch, hear or humour-- BI is a one-stop shop for all savvy netizens seeking a simple, credible, and an easy to consume narrative about the world's fastest growing economy.

About Times Bridge

Times Bridge is a leading investments firm with a mission to bring the world’s best ideas to India and share India’s best insights with the world. Its current portfolio includes Airbnb, Coursera, Houzz, Smule, Wattpad, Uber, and MUBI, among others. By providing unmatched market leadership to its select partners and by harnessing the assets of The Times Group, India’s largest media company, Times Bridge accelerates growth and immersion across the Indian subcontinent for leaders who believe in winning in and learning from India.

About Business Insider India

Business Insider was started six years ago by the former No. 1-ranked Internet analyst Henry Blodget. It has quickly become the digital news source for the emerging generation of business leaders, reaching more than 25 million monthly readers. At BI India readers get amazing synergy between India and its foreign counterpart - News that has great appeal and relevance for Indian readers. Business Insider India has a mix of cutting-edge business and technology happenings, entrepreneurial initiatives, creative exchanges, lifestyle concepts and leadership insights. BI India comes under the banner of Times Internet Limited (TIL), which is India's number 1 Internet network since 2011.