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Smule’s ‘India Jam Karega’ Calls For Unity Over Shared Passion For Music.

Smule’s ‘India Jam Karega’ Calls For Unity Over Shared Passion For Music.

Mumbai, April 2, 2020: In togetherness lies magic. In togetherness lies music - that’s what the brand Smule is all about- Coming together and Jamming together. With the new creative positioning of “India Jams Here” the brand aims to establish the word “Jam” as a synonym for the social singing network. The fabric of this new positioning inspires all of India to make friends with music and music with friends.

Smule is inviting music-lovers across India to come together and jam online together. Whether it's singing a duet, crooning away with an international or local artist, creating an original, cheering each other on, making friends across the globe, sparking the creative energy of Indians and getting music lovers across languages and geographies together.

The new brand campaign - India Jam Karega, tells a musical story highlighting the tenets of the social singing app. Set to a groovy, foot-thumping anthem by the inimitable Sneha Khanwalkar, sung by Benny
Dayal and Shalmali Kholgadhe, they are expressing the joy of jamming that people in India enjoy, the film weaves through various situations showing people from all corners of the country singing together. It has a friendly and inviting vibe, completely in sync with the essence of the brand- a community of music lovers uniting across the globe, including jamming with the biggest names in the music industry like Darshan Raval, Neha Kakkar, Salim Merchant, Papon & many others. Playing up the authenticity factor, the lyrics encourage people to sing with pride and without fear of any judgment. The film also brings out the features of the app where users can show appreciation for each other's singing by awarding virtual ‘gifts’.

Bill Bradford, President, Smule said: “Music has the inter-cultural ability to cross frontiers. It’s a language the world understands and that connects societies. We believe it's more crucial than ever to invoke the power of music to bring people closer, while encouraging, engaging and exciting anyone who likes to sing, anytime, anywhere. We aim to be the one stage where all of India unites to celebrate its passion for music. This campaign is an invitation for Indian music lovers to join our growing community of millions of music lovers – the rookie, the enthusiast and the expert.”

Viral Jani, Sr. VP Investment Operations, Times Bridge said: “At Times Bridge, it is our endeavor to work with our global partners to help them find a brand voice that will resonate with the discerning Indian consumer thereby become a part of the Indian cultural zeitgeist. The campaign “India Jam Karega” is an expression of how the Indian consumer connects over music and forms new connections that are driven by the passion of singing together from north to south, east to west of India and across the world. This campaign is a true reflection of how the Smule community of singers in India come together to Jam and unite on this platform.”

Smule is backed by Times Bridge, a leading investment firm that seeks to bring the world’s best ideas to India and India’s best ideas to the world.

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About Smule

Smule enables consumers to form social connections and bond over their passion for creating music together. Connecting the world through a global community of millions of active users, Smule’s flagship app lets people sing with each other, and even Jam with major artists around the world, like Ed Sheeran, Nick Jonas, Anne Marie, Neha Kakkar, Darshan Raval, Salim Merchant to name a few. Smule is available on iOS and Android devices.

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